The Metropolitan Council For Educational Opportunity (METCO) was founded in 1966. It is a state funded, voluntary educational desegregation program designed to eliminate racial imbalance through the busing of children from Boston, MA and Springfield, MA to suburban public schools in the 38 communities where the program operates. There are approximately 3,300 children attending school through the METCO program. In Wayland, approximately 130 students in grades 1 through 12 come to our five schools through the METCO program.

Mabel Reid-Wallace
, METCO Director

Fax: 508-358-7708

Rena Santillo, Administrative Assistant
Fax: 508-358-7708

Mark Liddell , High School Coordinator
Fax: 508-358-8082

JaNae Hood, Middle School Coordinator
Fax: 508-655-2548

Latoya Downes, Elementary School Coordinator
Fax: 508-358-3793

Gisele Kouka, Elementary Bus Monitor
Fax: 508-358-3793